Unique Wooden Arcade Sticks

Two-tone Hickory & Walnut Neo Geo Arcade Stick (Ed 1/1 Unique)



  • Hand crafted
  • Two woods (hickory and walnut)
  • Catalyzed lacquer 3 coat finish
  • Floating panel design with rubber spacers to allow for expansion and contraction while keeping the main panel centered
  • Mitered corners with hickory splines
  • Hickory grain pressed with walnut dust to accentuate pattern
  • Easily interchangable Sanwa arcade parts (Sanwa JLF Stick / Sanwa OBSF 30 Main Buttons with OBSF 24 Start/Select Buttons)
  • 3 degree top slant
  • Plenty of space for both hands, palms, and wrists
  • Includes Neo Geo cable
  • Designed and built by a longtime gamer
  • Can be used with any Neo Geo AES or consolized MVS system.

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